Welcome to our Wine Tasting Room!

Get to know our wines and the people who create them.

The highlight of the story about our wines is reached ar the Volarević Wine Tasting Room. Here we present the final product of our year-long effort with the vine, from care during growth, harvesting and processing.

Presentation and wine tasting

In the pleasant atmosphere of the multifunctional tasting room we hold presentations of our wines and wine workshops.
Here we have a wine tasting area and a wine shop with the entire range of our wines.

Rade Volarević

We want to give you the opportunity to live an unforgettable experience

We want you to feel the tastes and smells of our region during your visit, and keep them in your heart for a long time as a permanent memory of our beautiful region. We believe that you will be immediately amazed and won over by wines that are persistent, specific in taste, seductive in color and smell.