Exquisit wines
from the heart of Komarna region

Volarević Vineyards

We believe that wine production begins with passion and love for nature.

We have successfully translated our passion into a job we love and are proud of. Choosing the best location for a vineyard is the key to success and a traditional, hands-on approach to winemaking. Our dedication to quality and detail results in our outstanding, award-winning wines that can be enjoyed by everyone!

— Volarević Family


Our vineyard in numbers

A few interesting facts about our vineyards


vineyard area

planted vines

90% plavac mali

annual insolation (hours)

sun – vine; sun – stone – vine; sun – sea – vine

exquisti wines

and one sparkling wine

We love and appreciate nature!

All key production processes are carried out by hand.

Location of the vineyard

Our vineyard is located in the south of the beautiful Dalmatian coast, in the very heart of Komarna, the youngest vineyard in Croatia.

Organic cultivation of grapes

The authentic climate and soil in the Komarna region form the right formula for organic grape cultivation

Our commitment to quality and detail results in our outstanding, award-winning wines.


Dear wine lovers!
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