Volarević Family

Our wine story began in 2005 with the passion and dedication of a father and 4 sons who already have a very successful and leading nursery in Croatia (https://www.rasadnik-prud.hr/). Driven by curiosity and willingness to work more, we made a leap in the wine business and very quickly established ourselves as one of the most famous wineries in Croatia. The Volarević family winery successfully markets its products on markets such as Croatia, the United States, Singapore, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Switzerland and Belgium.
We are extremely proud of the quality we bring to your table, thus creating a meaningful tradition for future generations. We strive to become one of the best winemakers through the application of tradition, knowledge and new technologies. We believe that wine production begins with passion and love for wine. We have successfully translated passion into a job we love and are proud of. We are proud to choose the best locations for the vineyard that is the key to any success and using the traditional, practical approach to wine production that our talented oenologist guides at every step of the process. Our commitment to quality and detail results in our outstanding, award-winning wines that everyone can enjoy!
Our mission as a family business is to create the best wine story while combining science and tradition, thus providing our customers with delicious and rewarding where a lot of manual work has been invested.